HOW and What to Submit



The essentials up front:

Our submissions address is

We plan to publish the next edition (JONAHmagazine #16) on or a bit before JANUARY 15, 2022, unless the Apocalypse arrives, in which case we expect to be off-line.

The deadline for submissions for the next edition is: OCTOBER 15, 2021. 

We publish twice a year, in January and July. Your writing should be in the spirit of our ABOUT page. Please read it to get a feel for what we’re looking for. We accept original, previously unpublished work, that is, English language prose, poetry, memoir, and non-fiction. 

Copyright remains with the author or artist.

Translations of prose into English of high quality may occasionally be accepted. However, no poetry translations from another language into English are accepted.

You don’t pay anything to us for submitting your work. We don’t pay anything to you for your accepted work.

The fine print:

Please, please write the genre of your submission (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir) in the email subject line. It’s sometimes hard to tell which category a submitted work falls under.

Include a maximum of 1 prose piece (maximum 2500 words, please) and/or 3 poems in WORD (PC format) or PAGES (Apple format) as email attachments.

We don’t accept music or sound submissions. Very long poems are discouraged.

Include your name, email address, the genre(s), and a brief bio (no more than 75 words, unless you’re James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, or Margaret Atwood, in which case there’re no limits. Only living writers may apply, which allows for Margaret Atwood, but neither of the others mentioned above.)

Submit only once per edition. If your work is accepted, you will be notified by email several weeks before publication. If accepted, wait out one edition before submitting anything else.

Identifying yourself:

Pseudonyms (noms de plume) are acceptable, but be clear which name is yours and which is the pseudonym. We need the actual name of a real human in your submission. If your personal name and surname are ordered differently from the usual western fashion (personal name first, followed by middle name(s), if any, and then by your family name), please make this clear so that your name is displayed properly.

Using your initials for personal or middle parts of your name is quite acceptable.

Friendly stuff:

If not accepted, don’t despair or feel intimidated. Submit the best writing you can. We are on your side (usually), trying to publish work of high quality, and your next submission might be exactly what we’re looking for.

Please be patient with us. If you submit early, be prepared to wait until close to the publication date for our acceptance letter. If your submitted work is accepted by another publication, please be courteous and let us know as soon as you can.

Authors may include a drawing, painting, sketch or photograph with their written material if they prefer, but it should be in what conventionally is called “good taste,” interpreted somewhat liberally, although exceptions can be made in the name of art. We won’t necessarily use it, though.

Any work submitted past the deadline will be added to the group of submissions for the following edition.

2 thoughts on “HOW and What to Submit”

  1. I recently published a book of poetry which includes one piece that actually names Jonah. Like most poets, I,haven’t made the NY times best seller list yet, so wonder if you would consider the poem as a submission even though it has a certain limited circulation. Thanks. Isobel Cunnongham

    1. I know this is a late reply to your question, but yes, we would like to see your poem. We prefer material which has not been published. Circulating it is part of what writers do.

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