The tenth edition of JONAHmagazine leaves port. The sun is setting on a year of turmoil, but we are reminded that we are historically myopic, and now live in the most peaceful period in world history. (Hard to believe.) Maybe we can now tack the warmer, milder winds towards more optimistic harbours, yet keeping an alert eye out for the storm. JONAH’s extended sea odyssey continues, searching for a shifting home port.  The writing in this new issue is  quite varied, displaying the qualities we seek in our ABOUT page. We continue to choose carefully among many submissions of high quality.

Our next edition is planned for mid-summer of 2019. For now, in the northern hemisphere where our editors live, winter begins to engulf us with its long, cold nights, snows and freezing rain, and blustery winds.  We hope that  for our readers, the writing in this issue will warm them. By the next issue, number 11, days will again be long, and we will sit in the shade  and again read from our collection of poetry and prose.


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