The sixth edition of JONAHmagazine plies the waves of an increasingly stormy sea. The shore is beset by storm and tsunami. JONAH’s extended sea passage continues, its sails  full with the wind, its rudder plying the currents. Our editorial staff has settled into its tasks amid the stream of words. The quality of the writing in this new issue is high and eclectic, displaying the qualities found on our definitive ABOUT page. We have become more rigorous in our selection process and have included fewer than previously in this edition for that reason.

We hope to continue these trends in our next edition, which is planned for mid-summer of 2017 (the thought of the warmth that comes with that season lifts our winter spirits). We hope that you, our readers, will enjoy the writing as much as we did, and you will be back for more when grass and leaves have sprung from soil and branch, and the people who have huddled in their homes through the cold suddenly flood the streets and cafes with their enthusiasm for life.

writing from the soul and the mind

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