Because of an inadvertent loss of a number of submissions, which seemed to evaporate into the ether that lies between worlds, there was no January 2020 edition. We tweaked as well as we could, and brought out a replacement edition of JONAHmagazine in April 2020, our twelfth. Then came the cataclysmic arrival of COVID-19 pandemic. Our world has changed quite dramatically. We’ve all had to adapt to a different reality, one which is still with us and shows little sign of  disappearing. Hopefully, science will find the ways to deal with the disease before too many months have passed, but in the meantime, life and JONAHmagazine go on. On July 15, or possibly sooner, the 14th edition arrives, smaller but not lighter. The writing in this new issue is once again at times poignant, uplifting, amusing, and motivating. And in January 2021, JONAHmagazine will continue  to follow the reluctant prophet as he tries to avoid large fish trying to swallow him up, and follows his irregular route towards a good port.

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