Cheryl Everett

Graphic design, good taste purveyor, even keel adjustor, and cookie baker

Kitty Hoffman

Nonfiction editor, music and rhythm consultant, grammar diva, and nostalgic tanguera

Zav Levinson

Poetry  editor and arts and policy consultant and tallest

Author of the poetry chapbook Trellisworks. One of his poems is rendered as a song in Spanish on the music album Botanas: Oonga.

Harry Rajchgot

Managing editor, fiction editor, and scientific obscurantist

Previously co-editor of Harvest-HaAsif Literary Anthology

Author of the novel, Gravitational Fields and The Sweetness of Life

Philip Rajchgot

Web design and problem-solving and animal protection and music which we can’t hear

Sivan Slapak

Fiction editor, inclusivity consultant, linguistic consultant and coffee intensity proofer

Blossom Thom

Poetry editor, diversity consultant, editorial quality consultant and chocolate adjudicator

Author of the poetry chapbook, #HashtagRelief


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