Dear contributors:

To our great consternation and distress, and without any definable cause, your work sent to us dated from April 15-October 31, 2019 was deleted from our JONAHmagazine email account. We have finally concluded that, despite much effort, they are unrecoverable. This happened sometime around the end of October, and we only realized when we started working on the next issue, which we had planned to publish on January 15 of 2020. 

We apologize to those of you whose work was lost. In order to continue our mission, we brought out a special replacement edition of JONAHmagazine on April 15, 2020.

We invite all who had submitted for the period April 15-October 31, 2019 to resubmit their work.  We are also making special arrangements to backup your submissions as they arrive in such a way that they cannot be lost again.

Wishing you the very best for the New (and hopefully better) Year 2021.

Harry, Blossom, Sivan, and Zav

writing from the soul and the mind

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