“The main thing is to write for the joy of it.”  Seamus Heaney, Staten Island, 1984                                                                 

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the sixteenth edition of JONAHmagazine.

A couple of weeks early, we’re officially launching our latest issue of JONAHmagazine, the 16th edition. Click here to access the January 2022 issue of JONAHmagazine. And a Happy New Year to all our readers and contributors. We hope you enjoy it and may even be inspired or in some way moved by its contents.

We still have a couple of technical adjustments to make to our Archives, but that’s a longer term project and won’t affect your ability to find and read our  literary material. Now each author’s work can be accessed by finding their name in the left-hand column in alphabetical order.

Brian Campbell

Cheryl Everett

Zav Levinson

Harry Rajchgot

Sivan Slapak

writing from the soul and the mind

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