The Fisherman’s Life

The Fisherman’s Life

Andrew Scott

Out here living the Fisherman’s Life
watching the ever-changing tide
waiting for the full catch of the day

Daily I make this trip
to bring home money to run the home
I do not get as much as I used to
the fish are not as plentiful as years before
more boats trolling for the same find
different currents have taken a lot

the processors are not paying for our loads
they say the warehouses are overflowing
so we get half of what everything is worth
leads to longer hours just to face the family

I have to start before the sky is visible now
just to get enough to keep the beat
it is an old boat handed through generations
never know if it can withstand another nor’easter
every man’ s fear out in these unpredictable waters
not to be thrown to the bottom of the unforgiving current
like so many others have to never be found

So many thoughts out there
in the loneliness of the Fisherman’s Life


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