Welcome to the 16th edition of JONAHmagazine

Dear Readers,

A couple of weeks early, we’re officially launching our latest issue of JONAHmagazine, the 16th edition. Access the January 2022 issue of JONAHmagazine under the main menu pulldown heading CURRENT CONTENTS. And a Happy New Year to all our readers and contributors. We hope you enjoy it and may even be inspired or in some way moved by its contents.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to severely disrupt our world. Advanced new technologies are producing very efficacious vaccines quickly, so there is at least a glow somewhere in the tunnel we’re in.  Covid has revealed and indeed exacerbated the inequities in our North American societies and between the rich and poor nations of the world. And new variants continue to appear, the extremely contagious omicron being the latest, so the importance of reducing the pool of the unvaccinated within which the new variants arise can hardly be overstated. That means vaccinating the whole world. 

We at JONAHmagazine have not stopped working. This is the 16th edition since our debut in October 2014. If you have been here before you might notice some changes to the site that we hope make it more intuitive and easier to navigate. The horizontal bar at the top will now allow readers direct access to the complete current edition and the vertical column on the left, arranged alphabetically, enables readers to seek out individual authors by their last name.

There is much food for reflection for the soul and the spirit in this new edition. Whether you’re a writer or a reader, or both, ENJOY!  And if you are a writer and want to share your creative efforts with us, check out our mission statement on the THE WIND IN OUR SAILS page, and our submission guidelines on the HOW TO SUBMIT page to see  what we’re looking for. Read the current edition and have a look at some back issues, then decide if we are where your writing yearns to be.

Bonne lecture! Good reading!

We still have a couple of technical adjustments to make to our Archives, but that’s a longer term project and won’t affect your ability to find and read our  literary material. Now each author’s work can be accessed by finding their name in the left-hand column in alphabetical order.


Brian Campbell

Cheryl Everett

Zav Levinson

Harry Rajchgot

Sivan Slapak


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